June 17th, 2014


WTF!?!? Intel, you die.

I meant it. You die. Die a horrible death. May the bugs of 1000 camels infest your codebases... Oh, wait, that's already happened.

I've had a windows update occur on my server and then an odd bug occurred. When my primary PC accessed the server using Ethernet, the server Blue Screened. That's right, just sending a network packet either via file sharing or a P4 (Perforce) data request would send the server to the promised land.

Oh, wait, that's not all!

Only my primary PC causes this!!! My macs, secondary PC and even my G4 PowerPC Quicksilver Mac, can all access the perforce server and file server without any issues.


So, after reinstalling windows, software, totally reconfiguring the server, it seemed to have worked fine, until... A system update and then BOOM! My primary PC kills the server with a P4 access...

That did it! I analysed the Blue Screen and found it was the Intel graphics 4600 driver that was dying.

A video driver? WHaT THe HeLL!

I went to Intel's site and sure enough, they had a new driver. I installed it. Problem gone.

I'm getting a drink. Wake me when it stops hurting.
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